Statement of ZOJ to the war events in Ukraine

It is with deep symapthy that we have been following the tragic events that Ukraine is experiencing these days as a consequence of the senseless and aggressive war waged by the Russian Federation, with the support of Belarus, against its peaceful people. The manner of waging this war is in flagrant violation of elementary principles of humanity and of the Geneva Conventions on respect for the rules of international humanitarian law.

We hereby express our support for and undertake to actively facilitate all activities that can contribute to bringing the war conflict to an end as soon as possible and to holding the representatives of the Russian Federation and Belarus, responsible for all the tragic consequences for the lives of the Ukrainian population and the devastation of their sovereign and independent state, personally accountable.

In particular, we wish to express our support for the Ukrainian judges in their struggle to preserving the rule of law in Ukraine, and we stand prepared to afford them with maximum assistance available within our means. We will also initiate assistance and support on the platform of the European Association of Judges (EAJ) to develop all available activities with the aim of bringing an end to the war and, consequently, to restoring proper functioning of the judiciary in Ukraine.

In Bratislava 3rd of March, 2022



Katarína Javorčíková

Spokesperson of the Judicial Initiaitve

for Open Judiciary (ZOJ)


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