Občianske združenie "Sudcovia za otvorenú justíciu" Welcome in our webpage created by judges for judges and for wide public

We are here for everybody who is interested in the situation in our judiciary and who wishes to openly discuss this topic, share opinions free, give incentives and proposals to change.

Our motto are the words “For Open Judiciary“ and we continue in goals and documents of the initiative with this name, and also in activities of the civic initiative “Justice Opens Gates“ and the proclamation of judges “Five Sentences“.

We are determined to protect the interests of the judges against unjustified attacks from outside and inside the system. We succeeded with our activities protecting judges who according to our opinion were bullied and disciplinary prosecuted. However, protection of corporate interests of judiciary is not our primary goal. It is the improvement of the situation. We do not think that Slovak judiciary is in ideal condition and that nobody has the right to criticise it. We want to accept constructive criticism, to discuss it and accept ideas for improvement. On the other hand we also will resolutely refuse defamation of judiciary as a whole.

About Us

The group of judges at the constituting conference in the city of Šoporňa on 15 October 2011 established the civic association Judges “For Open Judiciary“ (“ZOJ“).

The association continues in existing activities of the informal judicial initiative of the same name. We are open to all judges who are persuaded that search and implementation of justice is their mission.

ZOJ will stress promotion of open and transparent judiciary, independence of judicial power and responsibility of judges for their profession.

In enforcing our aims we will communicate with the widest possible public.

Šoporňa 15 October 2011


JUDr. Katarína Javorčíková
Association President

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